The Error "None of the handlers were able ...etc'"

I keep getting this error …

“…None of the handlers were able to invoke the target service. The service may not be Make sure exceptions are logged - check server log for details…”

Not sure what does that mean


the issue has been fixed.

How did you fix this? I have the same problem

this topic is old my friend

check new topics

please help us too we can’t even login to the app

Hi guys

we are looking into it, all the team is focused on the issue

Regards, Vlad

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could someone give us steps to reproduce the issue?

simple login isn’t working.

  1. When user I’d and password is typed in it gives the error-
    the error is “the service may not be found .Make sure exceptions are locked and check server log for details.”

can you try to login through RestConsole?

maybe under the hood there are other api requests?

It was working till around 12 noon today . all of a sudden this error came up.

I understand, but could you take a look at my prev messages please

and do you have any Business Logic: EventHandlers, ApiServices?

I can sign in with the user details in RestConsole but not via the app.

What version of Android SDK are you using @Manav_Gupta ?

minsdkversion: 17
targetsdkversion : 28

@Manav_Gupta Version of Backendless Android SDK you are using in your project please

backendless sdk version 5.2.4

How long does this error take to be resolved.

the issue has been fixed, could you confirm it please