The great thread of 'but in Bubble we can do it like this' for beginners

Hey guys.

Glad to be here. I’m a seasoned Bubble developer, looking for alternative no-code app builders to offer choices to my clients.

Instead of whining in the Slack like ‘but in Bubble we can do it this way wah wah’, I’ve been pointed towards the support forum. Maybe this can be a safe space for us Bubblers to try to find our bearings, and we can grow this topic with more Bubble → Backendless transition questions.

First question to get the ball rolling: Can anyone point me to a tutorial that shows how to do something like Bubble’s dynamic text for buttons and text objects. Like a button says ‘log in’ when the user doesn’t have an active session, and the same button says ‘log out’ when the user has an active session?

Thanks! Richard.

Hello @Richard_Osborne

Happy to see you in our community!

Here you could find a lot of information about UI Builder:

Also, if you want some direct answers to your question

Here you could find information about conditions: Implementing Conditional Statements (IF / ELSE) in Codeless Programming - YouTube

Try to add logic like that to Label Logic handler for Button component.

Regards, Dima

Wow, this is an awesome wealth of learning resources!! Thanks Dima. I’m really impressed by the amount of Backendless tutorials already available, it’s super helpful.

Hi Richard,

Were you able to figure out how to use data binding to control Button’s label?