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The logic page crashes

in UI Building when I try to enter in logic page, the page crashes. The problem has persisted for some time. Does anyone else have this problem or just me?

Hi @Mihaltan_Horea,

First, please provide your appId

Then, will be grateful if you answer next questions:
Did it occured after you added a specific block? Can you create a new app and reproduce it there?



No, I did not create or add anything. I tried to enter the logical page from the “Comenzi” page to change the code but I couldn’t. Also, logging in/out of my application no longer works and stop loading users.

@Mihaltan_Horea, yes, the problem reproduces for me too. I’ve created the internal ticket BKNDLSS-22309 for this bug. We will notify you when it’s fixed.
You can remove OnPageEnter handler and add it again, or wait until we fix the bug - decide on your own.

I can’t get there(OnPageEnter)…
I wait until you fix the bug

the same happens on all pages.

Hi @Mihaltan_Horea,

There are two options:

  1. Wait till our engineers look into the problem
  2. Delete the On Page Enter handler and recreate the logic.

Please let me know if you prefer (2) and I will do it for you.


I do not prefer (2). but if it’s the fastest option … then do what you think is necessary :grinning:

I cleared out On Page Enter. You should be able to recreate the logic now. I also created a copy of the UI container called DeliveryNowDebug. We will use that to figure out what has happened. Please do not change or delete that container.


ok, thanks

Hello @Mihaltan_Horea

The problem has been fixed, could you please confirm that?

Regards, Vlad

Yes, it works. Thank you.
The loadCurrentUser function and the getCurrentUser function still do not work

We have a bug in the Custom Functions which has to be fixed tomorrow, so could you please do not change the custom functions and close any editors for them, I’m going to restore it.