The path for learning ends abruptly, but XP graph indicates more

I went through the codeless missions in a couple of days and was excited to learn more. The video introducing the missions shows a graph of the User’s Experience, and it was well above where mine is at 3600 Experience, level 2+. That makes me think there is a way of learning more and getting more experience points through training, but I cannot find it. I was excited to get to Level 10.
I am a free user - do I need to pay to go further?

Hi Owen,

The XP graph is built to allow for additional Missions Packs which we are in the process of creating. We will be announcing those when they are ready. Until then, I recommend going through the following training courses to up your game with Codeless and Backendless:

Codeless Fundamentals Course:

Database Training Course:

User Management Course:


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Thanks Mark! Check out those resources. It appears that the starter mission packs were created some time ago… Are the new packs a priority and expected soon or are they back burner? Just want to set my expectations correctly.

Hello @Owen_Fowler

In addition to the Starter Pack with Codeless for 3600 Experience, there is also a Starter Pack with Code for 4100 Experience.
We also have plans to add a Sample Pack For Dev Purposes, but we can’t promise anything about when it will be made.


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Thanks Vladimir. I would enthusiastically devour any more missions you add when you add them. As a newbie, they were very helpful.