The Push SSL Certificate .p12 for the production version overrides the develop .p12

To support both production and develop Push SSL certificates, I created from the original version of the app (v1) a new version of the app (develop). The v1 version is for production and develop is for beta builds.

I then uploaded the production Push SSL certificate to v1 and the development Push SSL certificate to develop but this does not work as I would expect. The beta builds do not get pushes. If go back to the develop version and re-upload the development Push SSL certificate - it works. But if I switch to the v1 version and upload the production Push SSL certificate - the beta builds stop getting pushes.

It just seems that it doesn’t matter what version of the app I switch to (v1 or develop), that last Push SSL certificate uploaded wins and is used for both versions.

Am I doing something wrong here? I thought one of the reasons for having different versions was to support both a production Push SSL certificate and a development Push SSL certificate.

Hi Kevin,

We’re close to releasing Backendless Cloud 4.0, where the workflow with the certificates is expected to be much easier. Also, the application versioning will be removed and you will need to create new apps instead.

So as an easy solution for now I suggest you to create a new application for development purposes and import all the required data from a production one. There you’ll be able to upload a development certificate and have no conflicts with a production one.

Ok. I made a new app to act as develop so it can use the development Push SSL. Unfortunately, the Twitter and Facbook logins are now broken. I copied the exact keys for both over to the new develop app but all I get is “Can’t Open Page”.

Are you sure you followed all the instructions from the docs? Also try to check your internet connection, the fact that the error is the same for both Facebook and Twitter indicates that it’s most probably something on your side.

So, the Twitter and Facbook logins still work if I run a release build against the original app where they were first setup. Can two apps, one for release and one for develop uses the same Twitter and Facbook keys, or is that invalid?

Did you make this change in the Xcode project?:

No. I totally forgot about that little string! Thanks. Is there a best practice for having two strings, one for debug and one for release?

I am not sure if Xcode allows multiple plist configurations for debug/release builds. If it does, that’s what I would recommend.

Nevermind. I found a way. Thanks for the support!