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The things I don't like in new v6

There are many great things related to v6.
But I would like to say about things I really don’t like: changes in behavior compared to previous version which wasn’t officially mentioned anywhere.
No upgrade path, no compatibility notes, no release notes - the very same time when your apps suddenly stops working.
First example - it was a simple bug, it was fixed quickly after my report - when findById didn’t worked with {objectId:‘xxx’}
Second - we have somewhat old and complex app with a lot of code using backendless. In many places we have saving to backendless objects with fields non-existing in schema (with dynamic schema disabled).
In previous version it wasn’t gave us any trouble while in v6 it just breaks code.
Such change in behavior shouldn’t be given without any warning!

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Hi @yuriy!

Sorry for incovenience. Internal ticket BKNDLSS-22009 was created for this problem. We will fix it ASAP.

Regards, Andriy

@yuriy, we don’t like it either. Thank you for reporting these issues.


Is there is problem only with bulk operations?

not sure about bulk operations. Unfortunately we don’t have auto tests to test all our operations. The problem I reported not related to bulk operation, simple object save when you trying to save fields not existing in schema. Previously, when you have “dynamic schema” disabled object would be saved, with non-existing-in-schema properties stripped off. In v6 trying this will result in error

Ok, I understood. I’m looking to this problem.

Regards, Andriy

Hello, @yuriy

We’ve just updated cloud servers with a fix for the issue you described above. Could you kindly let us know whether fix works for you well?


Yes, in my test it behaves now as was before v6. Thanks!