"The URL can't be shown" using easyLoginWithFacebook

I’m trying to implement Facebook login with easyLogin.

But I having some trouble with the callback after login. Safari says:

Safari cannot open the page: The error was "The URL can't be shown"

I followed every guide I could find. Setting the App Domain (app.backendless.com) and website (https://api.backendless.com/) as well as the OAuth redirect (https://api.backendless.com/).

I also set the URL types


Any help appreciated.

Please change app.backendless.com to api.backendless.com. It is a bug in the docs which will be fixed asap.


Changed it to api.backendless.com but still the same error.

If I press reload when the error appears in Safari, I get a new error:

Could not approve social account.

Hi Johan,

Is this in a JS, iOS or Android app?

In case it is in iOS, do you use the latest SDK build?


It’s iOS.

I thought I didn’t have to have the SDK if I used easyLogin?
But it’s maybe a better idea to use the SDK?

I’ll give that a try.

Also I’m using Swift 3 and iOS 10 beta.

The FacebookSDK and normal login works perfectly.
So I’m going with that!

Whats the pro and cons with the easy login feature?

The easy login approach is supposed to be simpler from the number of steps you have to make to implement it.

Btw, when you configured the URL types, did you substitute {APP ID} with the actual value?

Yes, I substituted {APP_ID} with the app id from the backendless console.