Theme extension not working on Mobile


When input field is marked read only, the color of font is black. Date field on the other hand does not have a read only option, but a disable option and color of font is grey. This does not look good in my UI since some fields are grey and others black. So I added a theme extension as follows. This works fine on the browser, but does not work in mobile. Is there a solution to make the font color black for date disable option?

.bl-datetime-picker .MuiFormLabel-root.Mui-disabled {

.MuiInputBase-input.Mui-disabled {

Hello @Ariv_Sahoo

Please, provide a page where we can see that. I will help you with styles to fix that.|

Regards, Dima.{"eventId"%3A"ACDB7CA2-417F-4540-A0A9-B8ED961D63BA"}

As you can see in this page the Date Data is coming in black in web browser. However in mobile it is grey.

Could you try to style your properties like below

.bl-datetime-picker {
  .MuiFormLabel-root.Mui-disabled {
    color:red !important;

  .MuiInputBase-root .MuiInputBase-input.Mui-disabled {
    color:green !important;

And tell me if it helps.

Regards, Dima.

No, It did not.

Hello, @Ariv_Sahoo.

Are you added some custom dependencies, which are in the folder:
If yes, you need to declare this in pubspec.yaml, like this:

Best Regards, Nikita.