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We require possible fixes with connection to eu server app refusing to connect for one of our developers accounts, the fixes we have tried are whitelisting the backendless domains on our firewall and running with the antivirus off. The apps on the us server are running fine. This is only affecting one developer the rest of us are connecting fine. The connection sometimes works and at other times doesn’t. The problem began sometime last week.

Please see image.

Please provide a URL (as a text, not in a picture) that demonstrates the problem.

Also, since the problem happens only for one developer, what makes you think that the issue is on the Backendless side and not with the developer’s connection?


Hi Mark,

Here is the URL:

As I specified I’m trying to resolve their connection with Backendless and have tried to adjust the firewall and antivirus settings. I’m asking if there are any potential suggestions that may assist.

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Hello @Kgothatso_Diale

Did I understand correctly - this developer has connection problems not only to Backendless but also to other resources on the Internet? That is, the problem is its connection to the Internet?

One of the possible many tips, if there are problems with the Internet connection, is to change the Internet provider.


The developer has connection to other resources on the internet including apps on the american server, the eu server fails to connect for periods at a time randomly, only on their device, everyone else on the developer team has no issues. I’ve suggested your tip to them, with no change with two different providers, we’ll attempt a third and see if that resolves it. Please send other possible things troubleshoot.

Thanks for the continued assistance.

We eventually resolved it by setting up a VPN, we’ll follow up with our ISP, to find out why the connection drops. Thanks for the assistance. :saluting_face: