Ticket information with individual informations

Hello, i want to make an ticket app. In general the app should contain deperature, arrival and individiau stops. For example:

  1. deperature: london
  2. individiau stops no. 1 russia
  3. individiau stops no.2 poland
  4. arrival: berlin

The individual field are depending on information which will be given by the user.
How to insert this data into rest-api with custom amount of individual field.

Hope you understand my question!!!

Hi Fynn,

A few questions for you:

  1. Have you defined any data tables for your app?
  2. Which REST API are you talking about? Saving data in the database? Retrieving from the database?


Hi! For this Project i havent defined any data tables.
Yes, youre right. First I want to save the data and later on I want to get the data in the app as “ticket”.

But I dont know how to start because dont know how to set up individiau stops because they could be “unlimited”.

I can help you with Backendless specific questions. What you’re asking is more about the design of your app. This is something we help on a consulting basis, but not as a part of the support.


Okay, this is not a problem.
But i hope you can give me an answer to the data-insert part.

Lets say the form, etc. is ready in the app.

How would you recommend the data should look like?


  1. Select arrival Airport:
    Answer: London
  2. Select destination Airport:
    Answer: Russia

–the part for the individual stops are making with “+” icon–

  1. Berlin
  2. Poland
  3. Italy

    possible unlimited “+” = unlimited columns

I dont know how the database should look like in the context of the inidividual stops

I hope you can help me to solve this “data-based” question, because this is the requirement for me to build my app…

The structure of the data in the payload would largely depend on the structure of the database. If you are saving a trip that consists of multiple legs, then the structure of the data in the database may reflect that. That is, have a table called “Itinerary” and another one called “Leg”. There would be one to many relation between an itinerary and the legs it contains.

Jumping to the level you’re asking your question is premature (IMHO) as getting the data model design done first would be far more important.