Tie Selector and Data Table Components together

Hi there,

I’m looking to have the user choose a specific record from the selector component and then only share that record in the data table view. The selector returns the objectId for the record as the value and I can write the correct where clause in the console, but I’m trying to figure out how to utilize the where clause in the component.

There didn’t appear to be a simple way to utilize the where clause in the component so my next thought was to use the where clause in a load table objects block before mount- what would be the most appropriate block to connect the before mount logic with load table objects?

Hello @Aaron_Alpeter,

You can save the objectId value returned from the Selector to the Page Data variable (e.g. name it selectedId) and than use it in the Where Clause Logic Handler of the Data Table component:

This way the Data Table component will automatically show the records corresponding to the id from the Selector.