Timeout error in API

Hi - I am using a loop to get data from external API. Since the limitation of external API is 100 records per API call, I setup a loop in backendless to bring the data by calling the API multiple times. I am able to get about 3800 records (out of 5000) but then the API times out. Please let me know how we can increase this limit.

It’s a JSON format that I am calling.

Hello @AD,

If you are familiar with JS code, I would recommend you create a custom code block and run all requests inside Promise.all.

Or you can buy the function pack from Marketplace - Enhanced Script/Code Execution Time.


I have no coding experience.
So the only option to do this basic API call is to buy another thing?

The function pack does not require you to know coding. It expands the time that your logic can run. Currently, your codeless logic expires since it doesn’t finish in the allotted time, as a result, you either need to engineer it in a way so that it can finish quicker or purchase the function pack as was recommended by my colleague.


It doesn’t even run for like 10 seconds. What’s the allocated time?

It depends on what billing plan your app is on. You can see the details on the following page:
Backendless Cloud Pricing | Scalable Low-Code App Development Platform

Look for the following line:

In the screenshot you posted, it said that the logic ran for 10036 milliseconds, which is just a bit more than 10 seconds:

Coming from bubble and other no-code tools, I find backendless a lot more complicated and expensive. $30 additional PER MONTH to buy a code on a no-code app doesn’t make sense. Backendless may have a good structure but it is nowhere close to a no-code experience. Some of the things you can’t even do without knowing the code.

Sorry you feel this way. Running a scalable backend IS expensive. The cost we pass to our customers doesn’t come close to what we actually pay.

Mark - your monthly rates are no issues. It’s the cost of plugin that is additional $30 per month just so we don’t have to write code? What’s the point of codeless then if we have to pay extra for it NOT to be coded. I hope I am making sense. This is the first app and I am already asked to pay if don’t know JavaScript. That’s the issue.

You need to pay to allow your logic more time to run. Codeless runs in JS. You are not asked to do ANYTHING in JS.