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Timeout error in timer business logic

(Logic Way) #1

Dear support,
in my timer I have the following logic: I retrive some data from file, then data from one table, carry out some operations and deletions, then the same with the second table. When there are not so much data in the table everything is fine, but when there are several pages of data in the table timeout error occurs.
So, I would like to know whether there is a problem with my code or maybe there are some restrictions because I use free version of the server.
If it is my code, please, explain what I’m doing wrong.
Thank you!

(Anton Govorushkin) #2


What is the exact message you receive? From what I’ve read in your question you are doing a lot of logic inside a timer. Free tiers both in Backendless 3 and 4 have limitations on execution time of Business logic. Script/code execution time limit on a free plan is 5 seconds. You can purchase Enhanced Script/Code Execution Time (20 sec) function pack in marketplace to increase the limit. Note that marketplace are available ONLY on paid plans

To find out whether the problem is in your code or in a limit - run your code in debug mode. Here are the guides:
JS, Java

Best regards

(Logic Way) #3

Anton, yes, I think the reason is that I use free version, because the loggind file says:2018-01-11 09:13:22,069 | SERVER_CODE | ERROR | [17561] Task execution is aborted due to timeout
2018-01-11 09:13:22,069 | SERVER_CODE | INFO | [17561] Processing finished in 5059.477ms

Nevertheless, I’ll try it in debug mode to be sure. Thank you, for explanation