Timeout for restore password link

There seems to be a rather short timeout for a link sent for changing the user password. Can I change that somewhere?
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Hello Jeroen,
What timeout is actual and what do you expect?

The timeout seems to be a couple of hours.

This is the use case I was trying:

  1. I created backendless users based on the old users, with random passwords
  2. I setup the mail to be sent upon password restoration, and used a REST client to restore all passwords, so the email is sent to all users. I inform them to set the same password as before.
  3. In the application, I try to logon to the new cloud, and migrate everything if succeeded.

That way, apart from setting the password from a link, I can create a seamless transition for our users.

The problem is that in this use case, there could be days between sending the restore email and the user actually using it to set the password. There is also no easy way to detect when the password is actually set.

I think I will implement a different migration strategy, informing the users of the randomly generated password and letting them login in both clouds explicitly and manage migration that way.

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At the moment the expiration time of password restore link is fixed to two hours.
We have created an internal discussion to decide whether this functionality is needed.

Thanks, Artur.