TImer Bug + How to time last day of month?

Hey Guys,
2 things:

  1. A bug
    When creating a new timer and sliding the time to the end, the new timer crashes:
    Ohne Titel

  2. How do I create a timer that fires on every last day of the month? I created a monthly timer which fires on the 31th but iam not sure what will happen on month with 30 day?

Hello @Torben_Murach!

  1. Thank you for reporting this issue, this will definitely make Backendless better.

  2. To create such a timer you need to select “monthly” in the “Run” field and “last” in the “Day-Of-Month/Week” field.
    You can read more about the schedule here: Schedule


Hey Alex,

thanks for the quick reply. However: if I do what you write and try to save I get an error that I have to pick at least one day…
I think this is wrong as it sends on the last specific day then right?

Torben Murach, unfortunately, there is no way to implement this timer right now.

You found something we have missed.
You are awesome and we appreciate you for reporting the issue.

I have created an internal ticket (BKNDLSS-26307) so the team can reproduce it and find a resolution. You will be hearing from us soon.


Now you can do this with the cron timer.
e.g: 25 40 14 L * ?
means: every last day of the month at 14:40:25 (HH:MM:ss)

Hi Oleg,
iam not experienced with cronjobs but I’ll try!

Another question:
We use a custom domain. And shortly ago you kindly installed SSL on the domain.
When I enter the domain in this form: https://potthub.de it works fine. However entering www.potthub.de fails to load the page. And
just entering potthub.de lead to an unsecured http domain.

Do you have any idea on how to fix that? I’d guess you should alway land on the https domain no matter what you enter before the potthub.de part.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Torben_Murach

please create a separate topic for this question because it’s out of the topic problem

Regards, Vlad