Timer did not run

Was there an outage over the weekend that caused this?


Hi @Tim_Jones ,

Sorry for inconvenience. This behavior is caused by problem with our system which we currently experiencing. Our team already working on the solution.

Regards, Andriy

Hi, @Tim_Jones

The issue has been fixed from our side. Can you confirm that everything is working as it should now?


The timer ran this morning. Not running overnight on 11/13 caused a bunch of stuff to be missed.


We had an issue with with executing Cloud Code, but it has just been fixed. Could you please check timer execution now?


It seems like my other timers are running.

Hello @Tim_Jones,

Could you please clarify if all the timers work as expected now or you experience problems with some of them?


I am having trouble with cloud code not working. It seems like I’m running out of execution time, and things are stopping in the middle of the process. But I track my execution time to prevent that, and I’ve purchased a lot of execution time.

But nothing else seems to explain what’s happening.


Hello, @Tim_Jones.

We are working on solution of this problem. Internal ticket: BKNDLSS-30421.

Best Regards, Nikita.