Timer javascrtipt

Hi, here is the issue. The problem is with the timer. We had a timer which suddenly stopped working. Then I thought that I just can delete it and create it again. This happened on Friday. Today I tried to create a timer with the same name. But I got a message that the timer already exists.
appId : 322E4DE2-BCCF-92E1-FFE6-1EEEE1C30A00.
Can you check this issue as soon as possible?
! Our app is on the managed server.

Correction : I deleted the timer on Friday and tried to create a new one with the same name today.

Hi Mohammad,

Is this in your managed installation?


Hi Mark, yes this is our managed installation. But It works fine now. Not sure what was the problem. What I can say that I found out that there was a bug " unexpected token" in a file that was imported in that timer.

Hi Mohamad,

I am glad it is working now.