TImer stop working

Hi Team,

My Application id is CEE6C01E-DD2D-47F5-BE7A-2EF06B5AA69D. My Timer stop working without any reson

Hi @Vinod_Sahu

What timer did stop working?
How exactly did it “stop”?

Would be grad to hear more details to help you!

I scheduled in Every 120 Sec. It was working correctly but today not trigger

Did it stop working at all? Or just skipped some “ticks”?

Last more than 3 hr not working. You can check my history

The issue was resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve also created the internal ticket BKNDLSS-24352 to prevent from happening it again.

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Thank you

Again Stop Working

Hi, @Vinod_Sahu

Sorry for the inconvenience. The issue should be resolved. Please, check it now.

Regards, Marina

It is not working . I have 2 Application so please make sure it should for both

Please, provide the app ID and the timer which does not work.

Pulse Developmert - CEE6C01E-DD2D-47F5-BE7A-2EF06B5AA69D
Pulse Vision - 91409DD6-D93D-AF1D-FF8F-67D79ADE4B00

Timer Name

  1. GetConciergeServices
  2. GetEventsServices

As I see it now in your apps timers work, or am I miss something?


But it automatically stoped for some time. Also someone change my scheduler settings

My colleague made a ticket yesterday BKNDLSS-24352 for this issue, our staff will look into it and fix the issue as soon as possible to prevent the timers from stopping.