Timers and events are not removed when deleted

For some while now every time i delete a timer or event it will be removed but when i check later i see that it still there.

so i have to re-delete it couple of times for it to be deleted permanently.

and currently i cant add any more event and i get the message of reaching my plan limit. even if i have 4 event deployed and i’m on the cloud 9 plan.


Could you please provide your App Id?

app id: 07D0CC0C-4A50-198B-FFFB-78866CCD9600

Hello @mohammad_altoiher

You already have Business Logic scripts:
3 event handler
1 timer
Total = 4.

Also, you have non-deployed Business Logic scripts:
1 event handler
1 timer
Total 2

Your plan limit = 5.

When you want to deploy, then all non-deployed ones are added, that is 2. That is, 4 already exists + 2 = 6 > 5.

they are non deployed. why are they count?


And get message:
Looks like you're hitting a limit of your Backendless plan - ?

That’s why i asked. i used to have 5 deployed then removed one. but cant deploy again.


You have 2 non-deployed Business Logic scripts on default model: clientDisconnected and update_media.
When you try deploy default model - all Business Logic scripts which are contained in model will be deployed.
What Business Logic scripts you want deploy: clientDisconnected or update_media?
If you wont deploy: clientDisconnected:

  1. Delete update_media
  2. Deploy model

If you wont deploy: update_media:

  1. Delete clientDisconnected
  2. Deploy model

Whats the point from allowing us to make more than 5 if we cant deploy anything until we delete all the non-deployed ones over the plan limit?

the plan limit should be shown when we try to create the event not deploy it.

Thanks @Vladimir_Yalovy for your help!

When you place event handlers which you do not plan to deploy into a different deployment mode, this problem will not occur.

Ok will this effect anything? I mean changing the deployment mode.

Deployment model, not “mode” (sorry, I had a typo in my previous post). The only thing it will impact is how the code is grouped into a model. You can read about deployment models here: