Timers turn on automatically and some return to previous settings

Good day.

I have been struggling with this for a while now, in the beginning I thought I am mistaking.

I have turned off a specific timer, but it would randomly just turn on again.

Then one of the other timers was originally set as a “run once only” but changed to run daily later on. It runs as expected for long then randomly one day it just defaults back to run once.

Please help guys.

Hello @Frans_Fourie

Judging by your description you have several timers. Do your timers have the same model? Monosnap
If yes, then redeploying ALL model will happen every time you deploy a timer/event handler/service in that model.
So if you have a timer that is in draft mode set to run “once”, then you set the same timer in prod model to run “every day”, but then re-deploy the model, the run will be “once” again.
This also applies to disabled timers/vent handlers. If they were turned off, but you deploy the model, they are turned back on.

To avoid this behavior, I recommend you to create your timers in different models.


Thank you for your response.

Yes all is under one model type. I will look into it. Thank you for clarifying that for me.