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TimeToLife PushNotification

(morteza hosseini) #1

Hi, when i send a pushNotification Message:

  1. if after push on specific channel, one device get registered on that channel; does that device get that message?
  2. How long a message persist on a channel?

(Sergey Chupov) #2

Hi Morteza,
The messages persist on the channel for a few seconds only (5-10 if I remember correctly). If a new device is registered in this timeframe, then it will get the message. Otherwise the message is cleared and can’t be delivered.

(morteza hosseini) #3

Thanks surgey,

But still I have another question:

I have in free plan now, I made more than 5 tables, I still on testing and developing, What happened to my tables if free plan ends.

(Sergey Chupov) #4

Most probably you’re on Cloud 99 Trial right now, because you wouldn’t be able to create more than 5 tables if you were on Free plan. In this case, when the trial ends and provided you do not have a credit card added to the app, you will be switched to Free plan and if your usage of the tables doesn’t decrease to allowed level in 2 days then all the API calls to the app will be blocked. If you decrease the usage after that or switch to a higher plan so that the usages are then OK, the app will be unblocked automatically.

(morteza hosseini) #5

Thanks a lot, I got my answer.