Toggle switch for list (I need to activate only one item in thhe list)

I have a list items with “toggle switch”. I would like to activate only one item at a time. It works well when the user click on “non-active” item and the rest of the items turn in the opposite stage. The issue comes when the user selects “active” to “non-active”, now all the other items turn “active”. Is there anyway we can have only one item active?
Do I have to write the code for this or is there a trick where only one item will be active?

My app id 94496922-170D-4236-FF64-228CA5F5DE00

Hi Jay,

The logic you shared does exactly what you described. The If/else statement reverses the value of the tog property for all objects in the collection regardless of the state it is in. What you should do is this:

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much!