Too long URL for the uploaded files

The files imported from Parse are having too long url including hte domain and application id. This is giving a problem on some mobile sharing platforms.

Can the migration tool can be made to rename the file into something shorter?

Without these image sharing feature, all my efforts spend on the migration is useless as my mobile application is based on image sharing.

I guess I found the reason for the issue.
The url is encoded as %2F instead of a slash in the URL when the files are migrated. When changing it the file sharing proccess works fine.

The URL of file stored in the table as below:

should be as

Hi Purushothaman,

We will check the parsing logic to make sure it processes slashes properly.


Please let me know when this is fixed. I have a migration to make from Parse production to Backendless and excited to make it happen soon. :slight_smile:

Any updates on this?

Release is expected at the middle of next week.

Hi Purusothaman Ramanujam!

We updated production server with these changes. Please try import again.