Totally unreliable Additional Storage - 20GB!

I have bought 9 X Additional Storage 20GB, which reads as 225280 MB in the Control Panel.

I have currently used 98204 MB of space.

My problem is:
Im getting “You have reached your limit. Make order of ‘Additional Storage - 20GB’ mBaaS functional pack to increase limit.” error, totally random?

It’s totally random when I get this error, and when I do, the Control Panel shows that I only have 20GB of space and 459% usage?

If I increase or decrease by 20GB space from the 9X I’ve bought, it sometimes goes back to 40% and works again until next time I get the error :frowning:

I hope you will look into this!

Thanx :slight_smile:

My Application ID: E2557998-4FDA-7C6B-FF71-2A8A72268C00

Hi Martin,

I connected to your app and see the following in the console:</img>

Have you noticed under what circumstances you’re getting the error? Is it:

File upload? (if so, is it through API or console?)
Directory creation?
File deletion?



Hi Mark.

It’s during upload, using the REST API.

When uploading MP4 files with size of 15mb or so in average.


Hi Martin,

I will open a ticket so an engineer will connect to your app and try uploading a file. We will need to experience the issue first hand in order to resolve it. We will update this support ticket as we progress with this matter. Are you currently completely stuck as far as uploads are concerned? Do they all error out?


Hi Mark

That’s cool!

As of now, everything is working perfectly fine, I can’t reproducere the error.

Thanks for the awesome support!



An engineer also tried to reproduce and could not. I will close this topic for now, but please let us know if it happens again.


Hi Mark.

Ok, thanks, I’ll contact you if it happens again.


Hi again Mark.

It just happened again!

I’ve attached a dump of my panel and we can now conclude, that the system “forgets” my additional storage, since it only shows 20GB?

I hope it helps, tracking down what’s going on!