Transfer springboard from one app to another

I have two apps, one of which is on springboard and the other which is on Cloud 9. I’d like to delete my springboard app and switch the Cloud9 App to Springboard instead. Is that possible?

Hi, @Adam_Greenstein

Please, provide us with your appld which is now has the Springboard plan and the one with the Cloud 9 plan.


Springboard: DC5F9998-95B4-9290-FFF5-458186507E00 (To be deleted)

Cloud 9: ED47179D-83D0-AB4B-FF45-FED34DBA4500 (To be downgraded to Springboard)

Hi Adam,

Please go ahead and delete the app that’s on Springboard. Once it is done, we will switch the other app to that plan.


Done. Thanks!

Hello @Adam_Greenstein

We have unlocked springboard for your app. You will be downgraded to the Springboard at the end of your current billing period on Tue Jun 22 2021 17:44:10 GMT+0300
If you want, we can transfer the Springboard plan right now.