Transfer Springboard plan to another app


Could you please help me with transferring the Springboard plan from the app:

to the app:

Hi @Evgenii_Valeev ,

Currently our policy states that we do not move manually Springboard plan for the users.
Springboard is assigned to specific app and we do not allow customers to move it between the apps.

However, there still is a chance to move it to another app without team intervention. It will only work for the Springboard obtained via Missions and require original app removal. It means that you can’t transfer bought Springboard in this way. Also we do not guarantee that it will work in the future.
To move such Springboard you should create a new app to which it will be moved, delete the app with Springboard, then go to “Missions” and Console will ask you to select app for the Springboard.

Regards, Andriy

I have done what you said, but the console does not ask me to choose the app

Hello @Evgenii_Valeev,

please try again, it should show now.


For those who will stumble on this thread in future. Proposed way for Springboard transfer via Missions not longer works.

It works! Thanks a lot!