Transfering Apps

@mark-piller or other Backendless team members

@Joe_Molina and I are working on a production / dev backendless environment.

We have an app that we are pushing live next week. the app has both a production and staging instance in backendless. The app has been a rebuild and so we are looking for the easiest way to transfer the entire staging instance to production. This would include the database and data in the database, the cloud code functions and the security settings. We would like to maintain the instance ID’s for both staging and production but would be happy to overwrite all data on production with the data on staging.

What is the simpliest most reliable way to achieve this bit for bit copy.

Hi Nathan,

Do I understand correctly that you want to retire the current production app and promote the stage version to become the new prod?


Yes but with still maintainin the staging app and not changing the app ID or app name of production ideally.

Sounds like you need to clone the staging app. You will end up with an identical replica of the app that you can use for production. This way:

  • the original prod app will retain its ID and name (the name is not significant at all, btw)
  • the original staging app will remain the same
  • the cloned copy of the staging app will be used as the new prod.

Thanks @mark-piller Do you have the documentation for how to clone an app.

Cloning an app is a single button click operation. You can find the “CLONE” button on the main dashboard of your Backendless app.