Triggering device share menu


Does anybody know how to trigger the device’s native share menu ?

I have found the JS Navigator.share() method is supposed to do this, however when testing, I find that it only works on my iOS device, but not on Android : I get a TypeError: navigator.share is not a function .

Is there a known way to trigger this on both mobile platforms ? Perhaps using the Execute Native Method block ? But where can I find the list of native methods available ?

Thanks for any shared experience other users might have.

Hello @Nicolas_REMY.

as far as I know, this is the only method to trigger the device’s native share menu.
Maybe you are using an outdated browser on your android device or it does not support sharing menu?


Thanks for the confirmation I was on the right track and that there is no other way.
Strangely it’s a recent Android (2021), but I put this in a try catch block and it manages the cases where it’s not working.

I would, however, be interested in knowing how one can learn which methods can be executed by the Execute Native Method block. Is there a list or documentation somewhere ?

Hi, @Nicolas_REMY

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no documentation about native shell blocks yet. I created a ticket to describe how the blocks work in the documentation.


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