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Trouble accessing record's relation list

I am trying to use the container object to dynamically list out several records that are found in a one to many relation field in the current user. I have been unable to figure out how I am supposed to set the dynamic list items to the relation list and then access the fields (such as simply displaying text from each record).

Any help would be appreciated!

Could you please describe the UI structure to put things into perspective? For example, is there a list of parent objects and you need to display child records for a selected item?

The idea is every user has to complete the same tasks (I have a table of all the tasks), and each individual user has a field that lists which tasks they have not completed.

I need the list of steps (a list of records from a table) that are in a relation field in the current user. With that list I then want to display in a dynamic list container each step’s title and description.

I assume you have a one-to-many relation column between the Users table and the related table, let’s call it Tasks. To get the collection of tasks, you could do the following:

The screenshot makes the following assumptions:

  • the name of the block with the “dynamic list behavior” is userTasks
  • there is a currently logged in user
  • the name of the relation column in the Users table is relatedTasks

Hope this helps.