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Trouble Saving Data in Console When Long JSON Columns Are Present


In the console, I’m having trouble saving data in rows that have objects stored in JSON columns. App ID is 8149FCCE-07DA-F988-FFBB-6154872C9500 and the table is called “complianceItems”. When I edit any column in the row, the console changes the color of the edited field to beige posts an alert that says “The value is not saved on the server yet!” At least one of the JSON columns background changes to red and says “Must be a valid JSON string!”. The JSON value was already correctly stored, and has been run through five JSON validators that say it is valid.

Some of the JSON is fairly complex, such as escaped JSON strings embedded in JSON strings, but the problem doesn’t seem to be restricted to them.

I can store the same data in the REST console, or using the API just fine, it’s only in the console that there is a complaint.

Thank you!


Hi Kelly,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I opened an internal ticket (BKNDLSS-24981). We will notify you as soon as the problem is fixed.