Trouble with sending email API


I’m trying to send an email containing an image (using the webcam image component) as an ‘on save event’ when the user takes a photo. Here is the logic I am currently using:

When I preview the page and try the logic, I get this error. Does anyone know what is wrong with my logic or what I need to adjust?



Please provide us with the URL of the request. I believe the problem is related to the attachment.
You can read more information about sending emails with the attachment at this link:

Send Emails with Templates API - Backendless REST API Documentation


Thank you for the response Marina,

You were right that the problem was in the attachment path. I ended up finding a workaround that works for me and allows the program to function as intended. Here’s a screenshot in case anyone else has a similar issue.

Some of the things in this code aren’t absolutely necessary, but are there for some other purpose. I am proud of the fact that I thought of using a variable to store a random number so that each photo would have a unique identifier even if some photos were taken in the same minute, but I’m sure there’s a better way to handle that anyway.

Also worth noting that I had to edit the SMTP email settings for this to work. I used the tutorial from this link: and I had to set up an “app password” (in my google account settings) connected to Backendless in order to get the authentication to work.

If anyone has trouble with that step, send me a msg and I’d be happy to help out.