Trying to call custom API


Calling custom API and trying to render the result in Backendless

Some API calls return JSON objects and some array of JSON object.

Tried this with no result:

API URL example:

Any help would be appreciated



What’s your problem exactly ? What doesn’t works ?

I’ve tried a simple call to PIA and that’s working for me :

Do you return a result when you make query ?

Hello @Dima_Semensky

I have everything okay with your exemple.
My steps:
I recommend that you use “container” component to display your data

Every text component have this logic (the name must match the column name from the data - tripId, tripLabel, tripStartDatу etc.):

Page logic:


You may be having problems because of the wrong “dynamic list behavior” block structure.
Using the container as an example, I will try to explain to you.
Container has a row, row has a cell
Container receives data like [{ a: 1 }, { b: 1 }]. Two object in array.
The container counts how many objects there are and creates rows according to this count assigning the object data to each row.

Regard, Viktor

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