Trying to follow Back Up Data Tables tutorial - get coderunner error

Hi folks - Trying to follow Stanislaw’s tutorial for automated backups at:

I’ve run into an issue at the ‘npm run deploy’ instruction. My error log is as follows:

I was able to install the sdk without issue:

I’m not really sure what’s going on. Any help appreciated thanks!

Could you please show the contents of the following directory:


Also please run npm -version and let me know what it prints.


Hi @Dan_Hodgkins

Seems, you didn’t install your ServerCode project dependencies before deploying the project back to cloud
just try to call npm i and only then run npm run deploy

Regards, Vlad

Hi Folks - Thanks for your support. So Vlad was on the money; I failed to do the initial npm install command ( noob error - perhaps adding a step to the tutorial would help other green users like me!)

After installing the dependencies, I was able to run the deploy service. However, during deploy, I failed to notice that the process was throwing this error :

This is a toggle setting on the data table itself, not the application as the error message implies, which is recommended to be turned off. Enabling the setting allowed the deploy to work. I thought I’d mention it as it was not obvious.

Thanks again for the support, backup seems to working fine!


I do have a follow up question though - are the default settings specified in the tutorial for backup.js sufficient for backing up a database which relies heavily on relations between data tables? Will the relations be preserved or do I need extra configuration?

yeah, it makes sense, we are going to fix this.

according to “Dynamic schema definition” it’s needed only for the first run (deploy), once a new data table BlConfigurationItemDescription created you can switch it off

Regards, Vlad

Hi Dan,

relations between tables will be preserved if you select related tables. For example, if you have a Users and Location table, where each user has a relation on Location, Location table should be selected for export also.
Default settings take this into account and backup all tables with all the relation.

Let me know if you still have any questions, I will be happy to help.


OK good to know. Thanks again!

the article has been fixed