trying to use Facebook login

dear all,

after reading and looking on examples, i can’t using the login to faceBook without the sdk.
i want to do simple login by button click

do you have any sample , i flow the instruction on the web with no success


Hi Zeev,
Please, provide us more information about your issue.
Firstly, what language do you use?
What problems or errors do you get?
Please, note that we have Support Policy and free support doesn’t cover answering general, abstract questions.
Regards Ilya

Dear Ilya,

i need a general support.
i using android studio 2.1.3 on mac osx, emulator is genymotion (but i tryed also on my phone)
need a link to working github sample, nothing else, and for sure, no code debugging.
i checking your solution as a replacement to parse and fire base.
since i teaching application development in hackerU collage, i want to be able to give my student a simple solution , which as far as i check, your BAAS is great for that.

Hi Zeev,

We have two sources of code for your case.

  1. Facebook SDK login sample from our GitHub repo.
  2. You can make samples of code using our console service Code Generation

Regards, Ilya