Tutorial to create an API to upload image to Backendless and save URL to a table at the same time


User registers as a partner by entering partner info into a form and saves via a put API.
User needs to upload a logo and an image to the partner profile.

How do we create an API to upload the image to a Backendless directory, and then in the same API call how do we save the path for that image into the partner’s profile?

Is there a tutorial or documentation on this?

Thank you.

Will you be uploading an image from a UI Builder page?

No, from a page created in Framer which is why I need an API

I am not familiar with Framer and I do not quite understand the need for an API service to upload a file. Our file upload API is available via REST and you can use it from any environment.

OK, Framer is just a tool to create react pages. I’ll look at using the file upload API. I will need to rename the file in the process and may have questions on that later.

Thank you.