I am trying to send an SMS whenever objects are saved to the database.
The message should be sent to the phone number that is being saved to the database. And the message itself should include an object that is being saved to the database.

I have twisted my logics but still nothing.
Below is what I have so far.

The message itself should say “Your Order code is the UUID generated by backendless.”

Any ideas?

Are there any errors when this logic runs?

The sms is not sent at all…
Plus how do i set the message to pick the Order code that is saved to the database.

If the sms is not sent, there must be a reason for it. The reason might be that there is an error. So my question for you is still the same: are there any errors in the logic that is executed?

Oh yes, i have used chrome to inspect (network) and found that the issue is with twilio. I need to verify my phone number with twilio first and upgrade from a trial account…
Let me fix it from twilio console…

With the message structure part, Any ideas how i can include the order code in the message?? @mark-piller

Hello @stanoss_vebit

In order to compose string you can use the “create text with” block

Also, let me give you some advice. I can see you generate and send the secret code from the client side which is quite insecure because anyone can open the browser’s dev tool and see that secret code in the request.

I would recommend you to do that on the server (Business Logic), let’s say in the After User Register Event Handler.

Yes, right…
Thank you for the advice @vladimir-upirov . Let me change that.
Thank you very much.