Twilio integration

Hi Newbie here,

Really struggling to integrate the Twilio Phone Registration Service

every time I try to validate the registration - Via Rest API - with the code from my phone I am getting the error:
“Transaction is not valid”

I have correctly entered all the information ?

Please assist asap as I have been really struggling with this for a while

Hello @Anuj_Nayyar

what’s your appId?
and please describe the steps you do

Regards, Vlad

Hi Vlad,

I figuered it out - for anyone else struggling with this:

For some reason the phoneNumber column was not automatically created even though dynamic for users was set.

I added the column manually and now it is working!!

Thanks anyway

Hello @Anuj_Nayyar

Happy to hear that the problem has gone.
I hope you will enjoy further work with Backendless.

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