Twilio Register users in backendless

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I need to integrate with Twilio to register users via SMS verification. Therefore, I tried to use Twilio APIs in documentation
Based on this I wrote App ID and Rest API Key in api and send request, but it returns me an error that there is no app with such App ID (It’s European). Where is my mistake?

Also, have the second case when I used Twillio APIs in Backendless after connection and there is an error. In “/services/Twilio/sendVerificationCode” it returns me an error message ->“Invoke “Twilio.sendVerificationCode” method is allowed from BusinessLogic only.”

How to solve these 2 cases or Are there any alternative ways to register users via Twilio SMS verification?

Thank you!

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Hello @Saas_Uxstone

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Could you tell me, what kind of SDK do you use, or are you using Codeless?

The first error may refer to not correct server URL, for EU it looks a little different:

For example JS setup - link

Also, would be helpful if you provide some code if you use SDK for client-side, and app ID(in any case).

Regards, Dima.

Thank you for reply! Yeah, it works now with server URL that you’ve sent :slight_smile:

@Saas_Uxstone @Dima Seems I am also running into 2nd error message.
“Twilio.sendVerificationCode” method is allowed from BusinessLogic only.
What could be causing it? I am still on trial plan for Twilio, and Springboard plan for Backendless. Could those be it?

Hello @Uldis_Borkus

Please create a new support topic and add to your message:

  • You app id
  • Where you try to send code(frontend/backend)
  • And how you do it(example of code/codeless)

Regards, Dima.