Twilio StatusCallback

Good day.

I am so happy to see the Twilio integration plug in! Its making my life so much easier!

There is just one thing I can`t seem to figure out.

message StatuscallBack…

I am able to help myself in general with no code, but am clueless when it gets to actual coding. I learned myself on backendless codeless. So the snippet above, I assume, contains the required information. But I`m not sure how to use it in the following block:


I am already sending messages with this block, its just the statuscallback I need help with, please!!

Please help me configure this, if possible??

Hello @Frans_Fourie

Sorry, but we do not support statusCallback for twilio. I have created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-27983 to investigate the possibility of adding this field.

hi @sergey.kuk

Thank you for the response.

I`ll work on a work around.

Hello @Frans_Fourie

We have significantly improved our Twillio plugin. And added support for statusCallback. You will need to reinstall the plugin to be able to see the changes.


Good day.

Thank you for letting me know, I’ll be sure to look into it.