Twitter and FB login related issues


As Gamespaks is about to close, I turned here.
I am using Solar2D (originally CoronaSDK).
Therefore, it is expected to use RestAPI to replace Gamesparks.

However, the original Twitter login became unable to log in. The document only wrote the request for accessToken, and I originally used AccessToken and AccessSecret.
Now I can’t log in with the following code, please help.

local tempTable = {}
tempTable.accessToken = Twitter_Token
tempTable.accessSecret = Twitter_Secret
local jsonData = json.encode(tempTable)
print("JSON is "..jsonData)
local function RetrieveUserData( event )
    if ( event.isError ) then
        myText.text = "Network error!"
local params = {}
params.headers = headers
params.body = jsonData
network.request( "<providerCode>/login", "POST", RetrieveUserData, params)

Because some private information is replaced by myXXXX.

I have hidden “”“tempTable.accessSecret = Twitter_Secret”""" to test, and it is still wrong.

The document does not mention too many related login writing methods, please help me, and also want to know if the FB login is also the same?

Many thanks.


You may have forgotten to replace <providerCode> in your request


Thank you for your reply.

But my test results have not changed, I replaced with Twitter.
The result of the response has always been.
Response {“code”:9058,“message”:“OAuth2 provider is not found.”,“errorData”:{}}

The document is also quite unclear about the related calls of RestAPI.

Did you use Twitter or twitter ?