Twitter OAuth2


I’m trying to follow this tutorial for making requests on behalf of Twitter users: OAuth 2.0 Making requests on behalf of users | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

I have successfully implemented “log in with Twitter” using the OAuth login block in the UI builder (works incredibly easy, thanks):

Is there a way to use this block for the steps described in the tutorial above? I don’t think I understand “fields mappings” or “scope” but maybe those could be the solution so I don’t have to construct an Authorize URL?

I only understand half of the guide so I’m not even sure I’m on the right track. I appreciate any pointers on how to get this to work :slight_smile:

An optional note to improve the documentation: I believe this page is outdated: I believe the callback URLs for step 5 of the Twitter process should be the one from “Login providers” in backendless instead of the ones listed there.


Unfortunately, with this block it is impossible to implement what is described. The block allows you to use only a login through a social network. You need to write your own logic to get a token to work with Twitter API.
Thanks for the message about the outdated documentation. We will remove that information shortly. Use this documentation Social and OAuth2 Logins - Backendless REST API Documentation


Thanks, Inna!