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Hello everybody!
I have two problems:

  1. I get this error in all the pages of the application.

DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for https://backendlessappcontent.com/D3E675A8-5EAB-4152-A0B7-206D1942B8A6/3E3779EA-C9D1-4AEF-8C11-B644A63FB44C/files/ui-builder/library/sdk/sdk.js.map: HTTP error: status code 400, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE

  1. RT no longer works in /ui-builder/Livrator
    Until last night it worked ok and I did not make any changes in the code. I don’t get any errors in the console and I don’t understand where the problem is. Please help.


Hello, @Mihaltan_Horea

  1. This error no makes any effect on your app. But thank you for your attention to this detail.

  2. Can you describe steps to reproduce this error, with actual result and expected result of your/users actions.

Regards, Dima

Hello Dima,
Changes are made to the table ‘Comenzi’ but no RT update is made which I expect to render the page.
Regards, Horea

What page must be changed after “Comenzi” table updated?

Regards, Dima.

Page ‘Comenzi’

Hello @Mihaltan_Horea

Seems like there are lots of UI elements on the ‘Comenzi’ page in the ‘Livrator’ container.
Could you please referrer us to where we should look to catch this problem?
Also, the page requires to be an authenticated user, could you please provide for us a test user (username, password), you can send it as a private message.

Regards, Vlad

The issue has been solved in Slack

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