UI Builder App Recovery

Hello, I previewed a previous version of an UI builder project which resulted in it overwriting the additional progress I had made on a new version. Attempting to publish the updated container does not restore the progress and instead publishes the old version.

Is it possible to restore previously published versions or previews of UI builder projects? Please advise and thanks to the team for your support.



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Very sorry to hear that you have lost some of your logic.
We back up all applications on paid plans. If you need to restore data, there is an administration fee that covers the engineer’s time spent restoring the data.


Hi Viktor,

Sent you a message to discuss details


Hello @NS_NS

We only do backups of apps that are on the paid plan, but you can share your APP ID and our specialists will see if they can do anything for you. But in case you need to restore data, there will be an administrative fee which covers the work of our engineers.