UI builder crash

Hi all,

My UI builder crashed when I was trying to move a component in a page. And since then all the components of the page just disappear. And I am not able to undo the action. Can someone help please ?
This is one of my most important page and there were many components in it so it will take me minimum the whole week to rebuild onother one with all the logic behind.

Please help :disappointed_relieved:. Just want to recover my page like it was before before UI builder got frozen (like it was yersterday for exemple).

APP ID : 425FC4FD-3376-5BE0-FF52-5BF89CCB0E00
Page name : loanRequestAdminManagePage

Thank in advance.

Hello @Thierno_Mamadou_Boye_DIALLO

We will investigate your problem and respond as soon as possible.


Okay so I stay tuned.

Juste note that the problem happened about 15 minutes before I decided to post the question here.

Hi @Inna_Shkolnaya, is there any update ?

We will investigate the root of that problem.
But to help you right now I can only advise restoring the state of the UI-builder in a particular point in time.
If you agree, please choose the time (on 31.05.2021) to restore from.

Hello @oleg-vyalyh,
Thanks for your response.

The state of UI-builder can be restored from 31.05.2021 at 08H:00 GMT.
Or you can juste choose any time between 30.05.2021 at 00H:00 and 31.05.2021 at 08H:00

Let me know when it is done because I can’t do anything else without this solved.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Thierno_Mamadou_Boye_DIALLO

The page has been restored, could you please check and confirm that?
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Regards, Vlad

Yes I confirme.

Thanks @vladimir-upirov.

Great to hear it!
Sorry, one more time for the inconvenience, we know how it is important and we will definitely investigate the issue more deeply in order to prevent this in future!
Perhaps, you’ve got any helpful information for us on how to reproduce such behaviour?