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UI builder crashes

Hey guys.
I have a problem. When I want to edit an email template, the UI builder crashes. Can someone help me? APP ID 8DBF2AEE-DEF9-02C1-FF49-D4B524CEDD00

Hi @Mihaltan_Horea,

could you please clarify what error do you see? It would be helpful to see any stacktrace you receive, error message and screenshot. Also please spacify which email template you are editing. Thanks!


Hi Stanislaw
No error occurs. A black screen appears and I need to refresh

Which email template you are editing when this occurs?

any of them

So, you say when you try to edit custom email template (in Messaging -> Emails section, right?) the UI-Builder crashes, but UI Builder is another section at all and has no email template editor inside it.
I would appreciate if you will make a screenshot of your page before it’s crashing and possibly any steps to reproduce in order to reproduce this issue and help you.

I open any of the email templates, and when I click on the body, a black screen automatically appears

Which version of Chrome browser do you use? Did you try to update it?
Could you please open browser’s console and copy error there?

Version 84.0.4147.135 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thank you.

Please delete all BACKENDLESS_UI_CODELESS… keys in the Local Storage manually. This should help.


I do not understand. Where to find the Local Storage keys

  • Open browser developer’s tools in (the same as browser’s console),
  • Swtich to ‘Application’ tab
  • Choose Storage -> Local Storage ->
  • Click on BACKENDLESS_UI_CODELESS… key and delete it using ‘x’ icon above or using keyboard ‘delete’ button.

Yes, it seems that the problem has been solved. Thanks a lot!

Glad to hear it! You’re welcome.

Hello @Mihaltan_Horea

In this release we have added functionality to help you avoid these problems. This is the Local Storage Cleaner. The following popup will appear if you have reached the local storage limit. This functionality will help display if any Backendless applications are storing data in local storage. This can be either UI-builder data or Codeless Business Logic data. It also has a function to clear Backendless data from the local storage.