UI Builder Custom Function Not Working in Reusable Component

Custom functions aren’t working in reusable components.

The function I’m trying to use works in other pages. On the page where it’s called from inside a reusable component, it throws the following error:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: BackendlessUI.Functions.Custom.fn_32fedf44bdd7c446f0a519482b581aeb is not a function

Top 2 calls in the stack: onDisplayAssignment and useDynamicProperty. (Function return value is used to determine if a page element should be visible)

Hello @Connor_Chisholm

Thank you for informing us.

I’ve created an internal ticket(BKNDLSS-27362) and we will inform you when that will be fixed.

Hello @Connor_Chisholm

we have fixed the issue, please check if everything works fine for you.

Still getting the same error.

Have you tried to reload the page before trying?

Tried reloading. Closed the tab. Relaunched the preview from the UI builder.
Looks like it may have been a cache issue or a delay on the deployment. It’s working now.

Thanks for confirming.
In order for the fix to work, you had to go to the UI Builder page so that the new version of the library (our SDK) was updated in your application.