UI Builder Data Table Documentation

Where can I find documentation on all the logic capabilities of UI Builder Data Table? I’m struggling to understand all the logic possibilities.

Hello, @Howard_Jacobson.

Documentation for Ui Builder:
official doc

Also you can find quite a few articles in our blog:

Different solutions for your questions:

And additionally, we have Youtube channel where you can find guides, this is one of them:

Best Regards, Nikita.

I also want to use Data Table in front end, instead of creating a customized data table. However, I could not figure out how to add logic in the UI builder to control the data table. I want to local selected items from the city when user click a button. Is there any way to do it? or we can only control it using the configuration on the component setting part.


Hello @Eva_Software,

I can advise to save the selected city (or city.objectId) to the Page variable and then use it in the Data Table where clause handler to filter items, e.g:

last image

I have looked at the UI Builder documentation, but I find no explanation of the numerous Handlers listed for the Data Table component. The use of these handlers is not self-evident to me.

How can I learn what each Handler does?

Hi @Howard_Jacobson

When you move the cursor over a handler title there show up a popover with a short description about the handler.

There are only two types of handlers:

  • Event Handler - has no return connection and triggers when something happens in a component
  • Logic Handler - has a return connection and triggers on each render to retrieve a new component state