UI-builder does not correct render frontend for developer with read only-access to app

In app ID: CFDFC95D-81A1-4290-9327-31C76B4C1292
A developer has only read-only-access. When he open UI-builder, the pages are not rendered correctly.

This is how he see the home-page. No pictures, no css, etc:

Hello @Daniel_Levy1

What does the developer have read-only access to?




It looks like the developer doesn’t have permission for files (if images is from the file system).

The visibility of File Service is enabled for the developer. I don’t see any other settings to allow/disallow access to the files?


The eye icon indicates the visibility of an entity in console, but for the View directory content operation it is required to enable the checkbox in order to able to read directory/files content (which is required for UI Builder to work since it is based on your app’s files system).


Thank you for the clearification. I have now given the View directory content. It helped, but it still doesnt look right.
This is what he see now. Looks like all theme (css) is missing?

Try opening the Network tab in the browser and see what requests are falling with an error. It should provide some clues.

Hello @Daniel_Levy1

You must also enable “Manage directories and files” permission.


Yes, that worked. Thank you.

Suggestion: make a real read-only-mode for developers, that also enables the two features I needed to add manually.