UI builder does not work after outages yesterday, EU Servers

Application ID: A29CAF7F-2332-20F3-FFE4-19FEA411AE00

Oops. An internal error [02ca6eb7a8f8be462032bc4603922494] has occurred. We are working on it. Please try again later

Since yesterday this happens every time I try to open a page in default container.
(Backendless). The container is visible in the file-system.

Hi @Daniel_Levy1

We found one of your page contains break files, we fixed them to be able to open the UI Builder designer, however the page guestInvoice is empty

you can restore is using the Backups screen to create a new container based on the specific backup.


Thank you, but still buggy…

The page was restored from a previously generated ZIP archive (that we had). After adding a button to the page, attempting to attach an OnClick handler, it resulted in the same error as before.

After deleting the page and attempting to reload it, an error message stated that the file could not be loaded, and now it does not recognize variables in the styles.

have you tried to restore it using the built-in backups system?
creating a zip can not guarantee the zip will contain consistent files, while the built-in backups system prevents any changes during it makes a new backup

The error says there is no var @grey, perhaps a specific file with such var is missed

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