UI Builder Error: "Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'display')"

Hi there, I am getting an error Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'display')" as well as "Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'dynamicListItems')" and I can’t debug it.

I believe it is related with a visibility data binding field, but cannot figure it out.
I have tried using data binding to a visibility logic field or using the toggle component visibility block but cannot get rid of the errors.

It feels like this error should occur when the component I am trying to change is not defined or not visible, but the component reportRow is visible at the moment this logic is triggered.

Any thoughts or are my efforts misplaced?

Try using a data binding property for visibility instead of Toggle Component Visibility.


I ve tried and can’t get rid of the error.

Have you used the print block to narrow down where the problem occurs?